Oddland test

Adventures in a post-rational world

Chapter 0

The Institute

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Medbots were squat, five-foot-tall units designed for high-torque strength. They operated as crude medical assistants, literally managing the heavy lifting. Despite their strength and power they were not built for speed or endurance. That required modification.

The light flickered in the dark room illuminating the bot lying on the table surface, inhumanly still as John spot welded the last of the modifications to the legs. He’d completed the work months before, but as his departure date loomed ever closer he had obsessively checked and rechecked every detail. Strengthening the legs wasn’t really needed at this stage after all the testing, but he couldn’t take a chance as he would be unable to fix it after they escaped.

The afternoon sun blinded them when they emerged from the hangar. They walked the half mile or so to a portion of the perimeter fence John knew was damaged.

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Image: Swang

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