About the book

Kenobi: Master of the Force has been written in the spirit of the original Star Wars from the 1970s and aims to provide what fans love about the best of Star Wars. Vivid storytelling, characters you know and root for and a respect for the ideas established in the original trilogy.

No one in the book flies unaided through space; the Force takes a lifetime to master; and beloved characters are not bent out of shape to satisfy the urge to seem original. You get the idea.

I am looking for Beta readers who like Star Wars and would enjoy reading and commenting on the book to help improve it.

Chapter one is available to read now if you want a taster.

Progress so far

  1. Chapter one is already online and free to read.
  2. Part 1 (chapters 1 to 4) will soon be available to download.
  3. After that the whole book will be available, free for you to download and enjoy.

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